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Teach you how to remove the smell of office file cabinet

      Office filing cabinet is placed documentation, collection archives, business cards classify an office furniture, office space is one of the indispensable furniture. Because the office file cabinets in most cases is used to store data, generally require excellent quality, convenient and comfortable to use, so the time of purchase must be a lot of care of these problems!

Many people have reported some office file cabinet use over time will produce a variety of odors, Yum file cabinet Xing Xiao Bian below will take you to learn odor removal under way together!

The new office file cabinet with a paint fumes usually requires a long time to disperse, this period has resulted in indoor air pollution, but also harm to human health, the following are several ways to quickly remove the cabinet office documents odor.

1, Taomi to smell: Take a soft cloth dipped in rice water, add a little vinegar, wipe the surface of file cabinets also have a good effect.

2, tea, water, vegetables and water to smell: Use a clean, soft cloth dipped in tea water (or boiled vegetables over the water) to clean the office file cabinet again, not only can make the office file cabinet smell weakened, and can make the office file cabinet surface becomes shiny and difficult stripping.

3, to smell the milk: the milk to boil down in deep chassis yard, open office file cabinet, several layers of newspaper or a few pieces of cloth mat in the cabinet (the bottom of the pan to avoid over-filled milk blanching out Tattoos), the milk tray in a file cabinet, close all doors, fifty-six hours after the cabinet will be removed odor. Note that after the milk out of office file cabinet should be open to dry for a while, so as not to heat the milk to form a moisture vapor remain in the cabinet.



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