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Attention to product design is already better than focus on functionality. A product produced in the beginning, the product shape is often determined by the technology, but with the development of the product, its technology matures, the function also gradually perfecting.

(A) contour
Modern designers will seek functionality and comfort in the design of the first, minimalist office furniture use of lines in the real morphology and conceptual forms transforms also pay great attention to the material mix and adjustment process, reflecting like notes like rhythm and rhythm. So when you see a seemingly hard seat, do not immediately conclude that it is bound to give you the feeling of cold, sit at the moment, perhaps it is slightly on the back piece of an arc to give you just the right comfort. This reflects the design of humane care, but also reflects the designer's grasp of the outline. Such as the famous Swedish furniture designer Bruno Masson's work --eva chair, which is in the shape of human body shape and design with the use of ergonomic principles. Although the simplicity of the work, it is no less luxurious classic comfort seat.

(B) the internal structure
Rationality and aesthetic effect linear structure plays an important role in the design of office furniture. Lines mentioned here include not only decorative lines, including the ridgeline decent combination caused boundary line, the line at the junction of different color, and line the inside of the bone structure of the line. Constructed three-dimensional shape, different decent phase, there must be clear in the junction or obvious line, commonly known as "stubs." Minimalist home design ornate missing, then the unique creative designers to consider is that the body's use of scale and office furniture, bump ups and downs use stubs designed to better reflect the minimalist design of decent transition office furniture relationship.

(C) material with
Diversified mix of office furniture materials is an important feature of modern minimalist style. Used office furniture design with different materials, will bring a fresh feel. Innovative new materials enable designers to use a variety of materials and design the shape of the office furniture. The first is designed for the texture, it is more emphasis on the material caused by psychological reflection as a basis for the compositions under conditions designed to allow different material.

Designers are most keen to aluminum, sandblasted glass, maple, oak, walnut, cherry with each other. See the angles and corners of the lines is the preferred modeling aspects, and frosted glass and aluminum compact build, in tough, cold, revealed deep, hearty flavor of the times. Famous designer Breuer designed "Vasily chair" is the use of a chair made of curved steel pipes. It proved Breuer belief: through simple techniques, office furniture can be more perfectly with the versatility to adapt to various activities of modern life. Any material of modern society, as long as the proper and reasonable use, pay attention to the material reflected the psychological feelings, targeted to design a good work.

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