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1. sedentary should always pat seat parts and edges, restitution, reduce recoil focused and has a mechanical fatigue slight depression phenomenon.
2. When placing leather sofas should stay away from the heat of objects, avoid direct sunlight leads to chapped and faded leather.
3. The leather is a natural material, just simple and basic care. Recommended weekly swab with distilled water and a soft cloth once a month with a colorless shoe polish or embellish leather grease maintenance.
4. If there is dirt on the leather with a clean wet sponge dipped property mild detergent wipe, and then let it dry naturally before use can be the first in an inconspicuous corner of the trial
5. If spilled drinks on the leather, immediately dry with a clean cloth or sponge and wipe with a damp cloth and let it dry naturally.
6. The purchase of new leather sofas, first wash with water wet towel, wring dry erase sofa surface dust and dirt, and then graze the surface of the sofa care agent to two times (do not use products containing wax care). Such a protective film formed on the surface in the dermis, so the future is not easy to deep dermis pores of dirt, easy to clean later.

7. To avoid a sharp object to scratch the leather.
8. To avoid stains, ballpoint pen, ink and other dirty sofa. If there are stains on the sofa, etc., should immediately clean with leather cleaner, leather cleaner if not, use a clean white towel stained with a little alcohol wipe gently over the stain, then after a little wet towel wipe dry, and finally with a protective agent Care .
9. sofa with daily care wrung wet towel to wipe, about 2-3 months on the sofa with a leather cleaner to clean, or household vacuum cleaner sucked sofa surface dust.
10. In order to extend the life of the child to avoid jumping on the couch playing with the sweat of the body not in direct contact with the sofa.
11. sofa placed to leave 5-10cm, maintain ventilation.
12. To avoid direct sunlight sofas, such as living room often sunlight, it may from time to time to a few locations to prevent color sofa intermodulation obvious; if the humidity of the place, you can take advantage of the morning 8:00 to 10:00 in the weak sunlight irradiation seven days, one hour a day, for about three months to do once.

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