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Various circumstances allow consumers scratching their heads, I do not know how to choose a suitable quality sofa. Knows the right, choose the sofa, you can not just look at the fabric and elastic, sofa frame, filler, detail design and service are important considerations. Leather sofa maintenance use a professional maintenance of oil. Maintenance Guide Handle dirt with a professional cleaner Published with a soft cloth leather surface graze again, and then use a dedicated leather cleaner to wipe the entire surface of the sofa again. Stubborn dirt, use a small amount of special cleaner to dirt at standing for some time, with a soft cloth. Tip: Before cleaning supplies can be officially used in an inconspicuous corner of the try. If consumers do not have the appropriate maintenance on the sofa common sense, it is recommended to repair at a dedicated cleaning and maintenance. Leather sofa with maintenance oil maintenance Maintenance leather sofa in leather coated with leather care oil, if the family does not care oil, can be used with the same color sofa leather jacket instead of oil or oil colorless jacket, which was evenly coated in the entire leather surface. Tip: Avoid using a hair dryer, not the sofa on the sun exposure, can not be placed near heating radiators place to ensure that furniture and heaters and radiators at least 100-200 cm distance. Anti damp cloth sofa Most fabric sofa fabric can be machine washed and washed. If damp cloth sofa, available hair dryer or dryer drying, but be careful to maintain a certain distance from the fabric surface. Tip: If a large area of contamination on the sofa stains, and they do not have the ability to skillfully operate, it is best to ask a professional sofa cleaning team to resolve. Vacuum fabric sofa once a week Fabric sofas usually use a dry towel to remove dust and small debris beat; you can also use a small vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, once a week is best. Sofa armrest and backrest gap must also be cleaned with a special cleaner. Tip: best to avoid old sitting in the same position, if found loose thread, use scissors to cut neatly to the flat. If the sofa with removable cushions, try to flip once a week, so wear a uniform distribution.

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