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Integrity, explain (Contemporary Chinese Dictionary) is "honest, trustworthy." Honest, consistent means deeds and inner thoughts, not false; credit, the basic meaning refers to the person who can fulfill the agreement with things and gain trust. {Book of Changes, dry} there, "Rhetoric sincerity, so ranking industry is" saying that the gentleman speak, the argument should be honest and bully, no jump in good faith, to make contributions. So honesty is the basic ethical standards of life, social communication norms.
     Alibaba's Jack Ma said: "The business community is actually a very, complex society, but I think the only thing that allows them to grasp ---- integrity yourself, because the integrity of something so simple and more complex, the more we should pay attention to. integrity, "the experience of salespeople and companies regard the integrity of the first criterion as a business activity.
At present, the domestic market has become more mature, market selection function and elimination function also increased, to replace windfall profit, the leading producer of consumer substitution dominant buyer seller to replace, we only recognized in the community, under the requirements in order to seek to their own development, and that writing is denied due to lack of integrity people recognize sales staff and business will ultimately not eliminated. We are sailing in the market tide, integrity marketing set become escort.
      The importance of integrity we also have a profound experience for the safe industry, because the industry is relatively safe "professional" in the industry, many of the guests do not know the quality of {pregnant theft, fire safes core} is good or bad, the individual brands used in the sales propaganda confuse safe and safe, the panel emphasized that the appearance of the ways to attract or confuse customers, and did not work hard on their core security products, fire safety features. Early sales of good, but after the product sold, a large number of aftermarket quality problems, to the reputation of the product had a negative impact. This is a typical issue of integrity. And we have always believed in sales, integrity treat customers fair and objective presentation of products, a safe and a good reminder of the difference between the sub-deposit box, the customer will gradually trust salespeople, and then trust the brand, bringing loyal customers, and a faithful Customers will bring at least ten potential customers, in an atmosphere of good faith constantly positive development of business ........

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