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      In today's increasingly competitive market, every enterprise to survive and to develop marketable products must have in a competitive environment, excellent product quality, innovative marketing team and a competitive manufacturing costs and other core competition elements.
      The ultimate goal of the whole process of corporate behavior is to sell the products produced by enterprises to go out to get the returns. But even the best marketing team can not sell out the quality of the defective product. Throughout the world a hundred years instead of relying on what an excellent product quality to win credibility and win the brand? Once you have a reputation, brand, corporate afraid there is no market? With the market there will be a sale, with the sales volume will have a value, with the cost of production there will be a diluted, diluted with the cost price will have a competitive advantage, with competitive price we can further gain market, with Naturally there is a larger market share in corporate profits in return, with the returns, companies can also make an effort to develop more on consumer demand for products.
     The above analysis we can see that the core competitiveness of enterprises is a chain, but the chain's first ring is the product quality, only the first ring chain grasp, other work to do business attacking half times their market competitiveness to be strengthened. So: Quality is the lifeblood of marketing!


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