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After-sales service is the general term for various forms of business customers in the purchase offer, which aims to improve customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty. Under the modern concept of service including product delivery, installation and commissioning, maintenance is not only to provide spare parts, business consulting, customer complaint handling, product recall system issues, maintenance personnel training and exchange restitution and other content, including the relationship to existing customers marketing, corporate culture, communication, such as establishing customer database, promote corporate service concept, enhance customer contacts, customer satisfaction through surveys, information feedback.

In order to better provide customers with fast, attentive service to ensure that customers get good service quality, according to customer needs, and to meet the needs of market competition, the company has a special after-sales service management rules.

First, the service personnel requirements
Warm, sincere, fast, thoughtful, courteous customer service; keep grooming, groomed, clean, clear words, cordial, maintain a working environment clean and comfortable.

II. Professional Quality
At the time of service for customers to use sophisticated jargon, the business operated by the company are familiar with, and the current charges; master and familiar operation of the business processes and related expertise.

III. Understand customer needs
According to customer needs, and actively to customers about the company's various business operations and related services; skilled professional knowledge, enhance customer confidence in the company's business and services; reply form: call back, on-site response.

IV. Operating procedures
(A) Service content:
Aftermarket products to repair, install aftermarket products, product training and other services. After receiving the report in a timely manner to repair the phone with clients to determine the time-to-door service or training customers how to use the company's products on the phone, on the specific service requirements of customers, one hundred percent give a satisfactory answer, and ready to install a custom box and vault doors and a variety of debugging, training and other related items. In offices all over the country we have to do: the person in charge of the old and new offices for technical operation training, do the old and new parts of the transceiver to work, accurate registration and accurately recorded; good year-end summary of statistics, so that each office responsible for year-end closing signature confirmation.

Fill Service Department (Service feedback form), and the (service feedback form) to the service personnel, service personnel received (service feedback form) at the time to carry out customer service. When implementation services, service personnel to correct the attitude of civility and courtesy.
(B) follow-up content
The end of the service, the service personnel (service feedback form) fill out the service implemented on record, ask the customer to verify the quality of service to confirm, and seek customer feedback on product quality and service, fill in the (service feedback form), and ask the customer Signature Confirmation, (service feedback form) One copy, a cross-linking customer, a joint back.

After the service personnel should return (maintenance feedback form) sell port services, customer service through telephone interviews to verify the effect of the service implementation, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Service Department monthly weekend to recover "after-sales service maintenance Tables", the statistics on product quality and customer service satisfaction rate, reported the management representative and provide the basis for management review and assessment of quality objectives, service department is responsible for saving services record.
(C) record customer comments and suggestions
Effective record customer comments and suggestions, so that detailed and accurate records.

Service is to maintain customer satisfaction, loyalty and effective initiatives. Customers pursuit of product benefits, including functional and non-functional aspects, the former more reflects the needs of customers in terms of substance, the latter needs to be reflected more in the spiritual, emotional and other aspects, such as loose, elegant environment, harmony, improve the process, timely and thoughtful service. With the social and economic development and improve people's income levels, customers can attack the product of a non-interest more and more attention, and in many cases even beyond the focus on functional benefits. In modern society, companies want long-term profitability, toward prosperity, we must win permanent customers, saving customer loyalty, improve customer satisfaction. Enterprises in the implementation of this initiative, satisfactory after-sales service is one of the successful magic.

Warm, sincere bring customer satisfaction for the sake of customer service performance. Therefore, the service department should continue to improve the service system as a breakthrough in order to facilitate customer principle, charm and all for the sake of customers with products and considerate to moving customers. Who can provide satisfactory service to consumers, who will win the market. To make customer satisfaction, it should be made higher than a competitor or competitors can not, do not want to do, I did not expect great service, and timely Jiannuo. This is our service department 2013 effort goal. 


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