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  Foshan Shunde hung and Furniture Co., Ltd.
General manager: OuYangChunSheng
Phone: 13717485206
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Address: Guangdong Province Shunde Longjiang Tin Zone Industrial Road on the 8th
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       广东顺德鸿和家具制造厂是一家专业处置研发和消费大众排椅,学生课桌椅,讲授培训椅,折叠椅,直木椅, 快餐桌椅,餐椅餐台,办公椅,机场椅,酒吧椅,会堂椅,塑钢椅,五金家具配件等各种塑钢 、玻璃钢及钢木结构为主的家具消费制造厂家,本厂地处中国以致天下家具消费、贩卖、信息 的基地中央:佛山市顺德区龙江镇。本厂正在光辉生长进程中一向致力于当代大众家具,讲授家 具,餐厅家具及办公室家具的研制和开辟,本着“诚信至上,品格第一,效劳到位,字斟句酌 ”的运营理念,贯彻落实以“用最优惠的价钱、及格的品格、定时的交期及完美的效劳,连续 知足客户需求取希冀”为管理目的,经由过程多年的不懈努力,已逐步正在同行业中标新立异,并赢 得浩瀚中外新老客户的信托取协作。
  本公司具有重大的生产基地,具有一批专业的专业技术管理团队及下本质的员工部队,并 引进当代先辈的机械制造装备,从产物的设想到消费,每一个工序皆邃密松散,使产物正在妙手林 坐的家具市场上连结着较高、较快的生长势头,令同业各界另眼相看。

  我们的生长取强大,永久需求更多客户的支撑取厚爱,我们将连续以最大的协作热忱,始终不懈的勤奋拼搏,取广大新老客户连结优越的临时协作伙伴关系,互惠共赢,联袂共进配合 发明更优美的将来。

 Guangdong Honghe Furniture Manufacture Factory in Guangdong Shunde is a professional R & D and production of public chair, student desks and chairs, teaching and training chairs, folding chairs, curved wooden chairs, fast food tables and chairs, dining chairs dining table, office chair, airport chair, bar chair , auditorium chairs, steel chairs, metal furniture, accessories and other kinds of plastic, glass, steel and wood structure-based furniture manufacturing factory, furniture factory located in China and the world production, marketing, information base center: Shunde District of Foshan City Town. Factory in the glorious history has been committed to the development of modern public furniture, teaching furniture, restaurant furniture and office furniture research and development, the spirit of 'integrity first, quality first, good service, excellence' business philosophy, the implementation of 'with the most favorable price, qualified quality, timely delivery and perfect service, continue to meet customer needs and expectations 'for the management objectives, through years of unremitting efforts, has been gradually unique in the industry, and has won many new and old the customer's trust and cooperation.
The company has a large production base, with a group of professional technical management team and highly qualified staff, and the introduction of modern equipment, advanced machinery manufacturing, from product design to production, each process fine rigorous, so that the product master-lined furniture on the market maintained a high, rapid development momentum, so that the industry sectors with admiration.

Our development and growth, more customers will always need the support and love, we will continue to cooperate with the greatest enthusiasm, unrelenting hard work, with new and old customers to maintain good long-term partnership, mutual benefit, hand in hand together to create a better future.

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Cell phone:13717485206  Phone:0757-23224921  Address: Guangdong Province Shunde Longjiang Tin Zone Industrial Road on the 8th